Dragon Age Inquisition (DELUXE) 3DM Skidrow Crack fix | Dragon Age Inquisition has stopped working - WebTv

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Dragon Age Inquisition Skidrow Crack Fix for (Dragon Age Inquisition has stopped working)Hello everyonebefore you try this solution please make sure :1- you add an exception rule in the antivirus program for dragon age crack files so the antivirus won`t tamper it (or you can just disable it)2- update your graphics drivers, sound drivers and directx3- make sure that your PC is capable of running this game cuz it`s a high end game anyway4- copy the UPDATE first then copy the crack into the game folder5- run the game simply from the 3DM launcher and NOT from the dragon age.exethe solution for this proplem simply to go to the game foler then open _installer\ vc then install vc2012 and 2013special thanks to all who put and effort for cracking this gameif this video solves your problem then please hit the like button and subscribeyou can download the crack and update for this game at www.skidrowcrack.comEDIT: there are two versions of skidrow crack on the web one is 263 mbs for the usual DAI version and the other one is 387 mbs for the DELUXE editionif you still having the problem, then i reccommend moving all the files from dragon age folder to another folder made by you then try and playEDIT 2: the crack am using in this video is in this link ( link is dead , get the new link from skidrow website)it`s 387 mbs in size and thats the one worked for meEDIT 3: i downloaded the Deluxe version from skidrow games website mentioned above, so please no one ask me for a magnet link or torrent or ask me what kind of version i have.Crack version 2 : from skidrow website (warning: this is the crack only you still need to download the updates) :)